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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

When I first moved abroad, I hadn't really thought about starting a digital company. The first business I started abroad was an Airbnb business. It was fine because I had a manager, but the place still seemed to always need my attention, which caused lots of panic for me as I traveled. This is what pushed me into becoming a digital entrepreneur.

Let me share the strategies I used to create a six-figure digital business.

1) Make a list of things you're passionate about, and next to those passions, write down ways those passions can be used to help someone else.

2) Once you have your unique idea, create a game plan (i.e. business plan)

3)Once you have your game plan, create a website and social media channel.

4)While your website and social media channels being built, start creating as many digital assets as possible as well as YouTube channels, podcasts, and free content to help build your following. Don't forget to make it fun and inviting.

5) Now it's time to plan your launch! Reach out to influencers, bloggers, and podcasters to get the word out about your brand. If it's in your budget, hire a publicist and a digital marketer.

6) Start the discussion about your brand. Create a Facebook group based on your target market. Since your business is online, this is the best way to have real-world discussions with potential clients. Spread the word about your brand everywhere.

7) Once you have happy customers, request testimonials from your happy clients.

8)While you're serving your clients, level up by hiring a good business coach.

9) Get ready to work hard, keep an open mind, and let your business grow organically.

10) Be ready to follow unexpected opportunities and work hard through unforeseen setbacks. The most successful digital entrepreneurs, take advantage of new developments and can quickly pivot.

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