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New Masterclass by NikkiFaye

How to Move Abroad Sweatlessly in 12 weeks

Are you ready to finally realize your dream of moving abroad?  Well, this course will walk you step by step through the process of moving abroad from decision to your arrival to your new country abroad.


How I discovered the life I love...

My name is NikkiFaye. I moved abroad four years ago and have lived in six different countries during my time abroad.


In my first year of living abroad, I discovered how to create a business from my passion and became an entrepreneur. In less than two yers, I managed to double the income I was making in my 9-5 job.


I’ve uncovered the secrets behind moving abroad successfully, and I want to share those secrets with you so you can stop punching the clock everyday, and start living the life you love. 


Over the past two years I’ve helped countless people to transform their lives by getting them out of the 9-5 grind and helping them move abroad.  I always tell people, if this is the life you truly want, you must be willing to make a change.  Trust me, if you decide to change your mind and go back to living that daily grind, they will welcome you back with open arms.  


The crazy part?


This time five years ago, I was punching the clock everyday, feeling unfulfilled and without any hope that things would change in the future.  Now, I’m writing to you from my home in Nairobi, Kenya.  


I spent the past two weeks exploring northen Kenya then flew out to the coast to enjoy the beach and some sun.  Now I'm planning my next move to Croatio.


Yup! This is really my life.  

The great news is that this can be your life too.  The real question is, "Are you ready to live the life you love"?

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