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Get Unstuck, Motivated, and Ready for Your Freedom

Are you ready to discover a life you love?

When all you do is work, eat, sleep, and repeat, life doesn’t seem all that rewarding. You miss out on those moments with your family. And you begin to feel like there’s nothing to look forward to anymore.


Yet, every day, you get out of bed and shuffle to your closet, then make your way to a job where you’re building someone else’s dreams. Well, what about YOUR dreams?


The things that you are passionate about can be the key to your freedom from the prison of 9-5 life. The trouble is, you probably don’t know how to focus your passions and unite them with your skills.


But if you stay where you are, you’ll never know the greatness that you can become. That feeling you’re having is one of being stuck. You want to jump, but don’t know where to land.


Thankfully, there’s a way for women everywhere to become the one calling all the shots. The one who has the financial security and freedom to take vacations whenever she wants, spend time with the kids, and fill her life with the things she’s most passionate about.


That woman could easily be you!

If you’ve always dreamed of taking that leap into your own legacy through entrepreneurship, this is your chance. You don’t want to miss this incredible limited-time opportunity to change your life and bring your dreams into reality.


You can do it through The Accelerator, a coaching program that is designed for women that want to make that change in their lives to escape the ordinary 9-5 and become something extraordinary. This 6-month program walks you through figuring out how to merge your skills and passions together to make a profit as a entrepreneur.


You’ll be guided every step of the way from your initial idea to shifting your mindset and building the business to launching and scaling it. You won’t be given some list and left to flounder on your own. You’ll be coached through it and assigned weekly tasks to put into action the things you’ve learned.


Entrepreneurship only sounds scary when you have no one by your side. With The Accelerator, you’ll have a team behind you helping you to build your own success.


Don’t Miss Your Chance to Leave That 9-5 Job Behind

The Accelerator is led by a team of experts who have perfected an outline of success for entrepreneurship. By signing up for this incredible program, you will discover a life you love with the freedom to do what you love anywhere in the world – even if that’s right at home in your living room – all while building a profit and a legacy.


The Accelerator will launch in January 2023, but enrollment is currently open right now. Enrollment will close on December 15, 2022, though spaces are already filling up fast. Stop pining for a better life and take action right now by turning passion into profit with The Accelerator.

What Our Clients Say

Khadijah, Entrepreneur

Image by Christina @
"I had actually built my business before I started working with NikkiFaye.  I was just lost when it came to the business pieces like business credit, marketing, outsourcing and launching my company abroad.  Once I added these pieces, my business took off.  My business is thriving thanks to the tools I learned through NikkiFaye.  She even got me past my procrastination with the assignments and due dates.  Best decision i've ever made.  If you're on the fence, I'm telling you, this program is exactly what you need. Go ahead and sign up.  It's life changing.
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