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Becoming an Digital Entrepreneur

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I left my corporate job four years ago to move abroad, I had no idea what I was going to do for the rest of my life.  I had a few remote jobs, but I knew this wasn't my future, working another job, just remote and abroad.

At the time, I was living in an Airbnb, and I was looking for another one.  The nicest ones were always booked and unavailable.  I started calculating how much income they must have been generating, and the results made me sit up and pay attention.  I started working on my strategy immediately to start my own Airbnb business.


Once my business got started, the number one request from my guests were tours and services.  This is how I started my second business, a travel concierge company.  The concierge business was booming, and was bringing in more money than Airbnb without the hassle.  I shuttered my Airbnb service and immediately went to work on building my concierge company.  Now, the company has grown to servicing ten countries around the world.


All of this happened because I moved abroad and followed my passion.  I want to help you find the passion which is the key to your freedom from employment and help you develop the blueprint to your future empire.     

Want to Become a Digital Entrepreneur

or Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Come Join the League 

of Extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs
In Discovering a Life You Love

This is your invitation to join a group of ambitious women entrepreneurs.  We will help you set seven figure goals and make tangible steps towards Discovering a Life You Love.  

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