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My Journey to Someday

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

It wasn't an easy ride, but now I'm here, and I want to share my story with you. Maybe you can relate.

Walking Down the Road Less Traveled

Five years ago, I was sitting at my office desk on Facebook scrolling through the pictures of digital nomads who had moved abroad and were living the dream. I knew that could never be me because I wasn't independently wealthy and knew I had to work to keep all those bills paid. Then on a trip to Colombia, I met some Americans who explained that this wasn't a vacation for them. This was their everyday lives. They didn't look super rich so I asked them how they could afford to live abroad. I learned they either had remote jobs or were entrepreneurs. On the plane ride back, I made the decision to move abroad. When I went back home, I created a strategy to move abroad and become a digital entrepreneur. I was back on a plane moving to Colombia in five months.

In my first year as an entrepreneur, I made more money than I had made annually at my job working at the largest entertainment company in the world. This got me fired up so I started strategizing on how I could expand my business and bring in even more income. With this new strategy, I was able to expand my business to ten countries and increase it, even more, when I learned to create digital products that could be sold all over the world. Now, I'm here to share those strategies with women all over the world so we can all become six-figure bosses. So stop waiting, and let's get your someday started today!!!!

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