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So You want to be a digital entrepreneur

Be location independent & gain autonomy and freedom?

Join the Club! 

We have been taught that we have to go to school, get a "good job," move up the corporate ladder then retire in our sixties.  That's when we can finally be free to live however we want -- travel, buy a house on the beach, start a business.  Well, that is a bit too late.  You can do all those things now.  You don't need to work for someone else to be successful.  Someone is probably paying you six figures right now.  Why?  Because you're worth seven figures or more to their company.  Now it's time for you to realize your worth.  Start believing in yourself and start Discovering a Life You Love.  

Image by Clay Banks

We all deserve to live the dream

This is the place where you can come to learn how.  We understand that building a business is hard work, and we don't want you to do it alone. 

We understand that you may not know 
the first thing about running a business, but you have a great idea or a profitable skill.  All you need is someone who believes in you and can help you take those skills and use them to build your empire.  Well, you have found your tribe. 

Discovering A Life You Love is all about helping you take your passion and transform it into a successful business opportunity, brand yourself and your skills into a seven figure empire, build a legacy for you and your family so you will never be dependent on anyone else in order to create the lifestyle you love.

The Challenge

Women are powerhouses, but we are told that there is a glass ceiling, we must be kind, not too aggressive, let the men lead, your job is at home and more.. 

At some point, we begin to feel in bondage by these limitations that are put on us.  Then we start putting up with things that we don't deserve like bad relationships, abuse, employers who don't respect us. 

I'm here to tell you that this doesn't have to be your life.  You are intelligent and powerful.  You are a leader, and you deserve to have it all -- The house, the car, and the bag all created by working smart and using what you already have inside of you.

C h a l l e n g e  A c c e p t e d 

Chess Game
Image by Jukan Tateisi

The Answer

We want to give you the tools you need in order to succeed as a Boss! 

No more dimming your light.  It's time to Win!!

Let us help you discover a life you love.

Discovering A Life You Love is an online membership community for women who want to be digital entrepreneurs, becoming location independent.


It’s a virtual club where you can learn how to build a seven-figure brand.  We will provide you with all of the tools needed to succeed as a Boss in business and build your legacy.  

W e  C h a l l e n g e  T h e  S t a t u s  Q u o !

Welcome to the Club

Discovering a Life You Love

Where our motto is: 

Stop waiting on things to happen & lets make it happen!!

What we're looking for...

I have great ideas, and I'm amazing at what I do.

I have a business, and I'm ready to level up

I want to start a business but get lost in the details

I would love to be apart of a group of like-minded powerful women

I know I have a million dollar business idea

I want other boss women to hold me accountable

Did you see yourself in the details?  We would love to welcome you into the league.

Are We the Right Club for You?

What we're offering...

Building a Network of Powerful Women

Your network is the single most important thing on your journey.  Here, you will be in the company of women who will help to make you a stronger and better entrepreneur through our weekly social sessions.

Learn brand building strategies for long-term success

We will help you design an experience that gives your clients a change from the very beginning.  We want to help you inspire action, change and aspiration.

Monthly Goal-Setting & Accountability Partner 

We will help you formulate attainable goals that will help you level up in your personal life and business.  We will also pair you with an accountability partner in line with your goals.

Weekly Social Sessions

There will be a weekly virtual meet and greet where you can come and socialize with other members and share your wins.

Monthly Training Seminars

Ever wished you had a community of boss women to learn from?   Well, we will be hosting monthly sessions with boss women who are exactly where you want to be.  These are women who have broken barriers to become a business phenomenon.  They will share their path to success and also give you tips on how you can level up your business and join the seven-figure power crew.   

One-on-one Consulting

When you're a member, you will have private sessions with our consultants to strategize on how you can make your business a seven-figure venture.

Workshops and webinars

We will have experts host monthly workshops and webinars to help you scale your business and give you the secrets behind their seven-figure brands.

The Club

Is all about helping you to discover a life you love.

Our community will help you build and become a successful digital entrepreneur so you can  stop working hard and start working smart and begin making money in your sleep.

We help you bring your passion and ideas together for a successful merger.

Love notes from some of our friends.

Young Smiling Woman

I knew I wanted to help new Moms.

I had an idea, but I didn’t have the tools to take that idea to execution. I built a simple website and posted about it on my social media accounts.  I was so excited to see my friends and family support, but that wasn't enough.  I wanted to build a brand with a real following.  With help from NikkiFaye, I was able to completely relaunch my brand and find my true audience.  As it turns out,  my skills provide real value, and I have been helping so many Moms.  I feel like I'm making a real difference in the world.  


Woman in Pink Hat

I love cocktails and meeting new people.

This is what my answer was to NikkiFaye's question, "what do you like to do"?  I thought she would give me the same response as everyone else, "no something else."  She didn't do that at all.  She helped me figure out how that could serve me in my pursuit to digital entrepreneurship.  Now, I run a company servicing expats around the world helping them to connect socially and professionally in their new communities.  We have partnerships with companies in 15 countries and have helped over 500 Americans find overseas jobs.


Mature Woman

It's never too late to start over.

Newly single, I wanted to go back and relive a dream I had before the family came along and forced me to simply support my husband's career while raising my children.  At the age of 56, I was able to start a digital international modeling agency where my team and I are able to travel the world finding talent in remote lands, and building them online profiles so they can be seen worldwide.  In our first year we made six figures which quickly went to a seven figure business.  This would have never happened without help from NikkiFaye.


Your Invitation to Join Us...

Introductory  rate for our founding club members is $25 per month

(cancel anytime)

$250 for an annual membership if you commit upfront for 12 months and there's also a bonus consulting session for becoming a long-term member.

This price is only for our founding members who join in the next 30 days.  Click the link below to receive an invitation to join the club.

Software engineers working on project an

your key to freedom

Location independence
Freedom to travel

Freedom to spend more time living and less time working

Join us to learn how

Many people start businesses, I'm sure you have started many over the years.  With us you're not alone we provide mentorship and accountability.  Only success is an option.

Let's get you to seven-figure status.

Is this the lifestyel you're looking for? Join us!

Discovering a life you love

We are a league of women who specialize in

creating digital empires.




Discovering A Life You Love was founded by NikkiFaye.  She left her job at the number one entertainment company in the world to travel the world as a digital entrepreneur.  She has been traveling and building her business for the past four years. 


NikkiFaye has a JD/MBA, and has managed to build four successful business.  She helps women build empires with multiple income streams of income.  With a League like this, success is definitely in your future.  

Women Colleagues
Faye prof pic.jpg

Don't wait, do it now!!!

Let's work!!!


Founder of Discovering A Life You Love

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